Ever since I was young I remember being excited about going to large family gatherings and seeing how much joy a great meal can bring to a family. For me, cooking is about giving those same smiles, laughter and memories I've experienced. I first discovered my love and true passion for cooking at Lyman Hall High School where I made a chicken stir-fry that my father enjoyed; he was and continues to be my greatest critic after all these years with good intention.

My mother pushed me to continue my education where I landed at Gateway Community College and then later continued on to Johnson & Wales University where I earned my Bachelors in Culinary & Restaurant Management. On my days off I love to research and think of new dishes to play with or volunteer my time at Lyman Hall giving back to the program that has already given me so much. Besides falling in love with the food and finding fun ways to use local produce, poultry, meat, etc. I absolutely love to make pasta. To me pasta represents what a Chef truly should be, it requires dedication, patience, attention, practice and most of all love. I would like to thank everyone who has stood by me in my journey and look forward to sharing my passion with you all at the farmer market! 

Nick has worked at:
Heirloom in the Study at Yale Hotel, Ibiza, Olea, Madison Beach Hotel & Café Routier, among others.